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Pixel Car Up Hill Race 3D

4.6 ( 9216 ratings )
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개발자: Tayga Games OOO
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Try this physics based car racing hill climb game and feel like an uphill racer! Drive powerful pixel car to perform stunts full of adrenaline! Control your car to climb high hills with this physics based racing game and feel like a professional driver! Come to the place where no ride has ever been before with Pixel Car Up Hill Race 3D game!

Start the hill climb racing adventure! Gain unique uphill and downhill climbing experience performing extreme stunts sitting behind the steering wheel of powerful pixel car! Explore outback roads, jump through obstacles, cross hurdles and fly high performing new car stunt! Start this thrilling ride and feel pure adrenaline playing this extreme uphill climbing racing game in 3D! Drive as fast as possible to collect more coins and use coins to upgrade your pixel car or even buy more powerful one! Gain bonuses performing stunts and doing tricks with amazing physics-based mountain climb racing game!

Ride through hill and mountains and become a professional uphill driver with Pixel Car Up Hill Race 3D! Try this game and show your driving skills - control your car to climb hills and have fun!

Pixel Car Up Hill Race 3D features:

- Ultimate uphill and downhill driving experience – conquer each hill or mountain!
- Hill climb race full of adrenaline – extreme outback roads, different obstacles and hurdles, various tricks and stunts to perform
- 3D graphics
- Dangerous hill’s and mountain’s roads
- Collect coins to upgrade your car – speed, jumping ability and other characteristics

Amazing physics based car racing game. Are you ready to ride your pixel car through tricky and slippery hill roads? Start your hill climb racing adventure now – gain ultimate uphill and downhill driving experience! Climb high and conquer each hill, but be careful and try to avoid road accidents! Jump over obstacles, cross hurdles and perform new stunts and tricks! Gain speedy car riding experience full of adrenaline playing Pixel Car Up Hill Race 3D game! Lets roll on uphills and downhills with your favorite car!

Climb hills playing Pixel Car Up Hill Race 3D game! Explore hill and mountain roads to prove your worth as a pro driver! Be ready for a race full of adrenaline! Perform stunts, drive all over pixel hills and have fun playing ultimate uphill racing game in 3D! Upgrade your pixel car using coins you’ve earned and prove your worth as a driver riding down the highest hill and mountains! Start your hill climb racing adventure now! Drive to the finish as fast as possible to beat your best score and earn extra points!